In our exquisite art venue, professional guidance is used to discover each student’s acknowledgement of color and aesthetics. Students are gradually introduced to the vast art world.

We will use a variety of art styles, which will be sketch, watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. Digging art from the shallow to the deep, from the fundamentals to the advanced, and lead the students to create their works with ease and pleasure while having fun in the process!

Understand the characteristics and concepts of art, master the ability to portray, and guide according to the individual and personal interests of the students, we focus on encouraging diverse styles of each individual, recognizing it, and cultivate their potential to the maximum. Through various methods, we guide students to observe the nature and surrounding life, recognize different shapes, lines, and colors.

In the educational concept of Moli Art, it is not only to cultivate a perfect educational environment for art conservations and ideas, but also to help our students to create an extraordinary future. At the same time, we also do our best to help students achieve their desired goals and dreams.

We sincerely invite all parents and students to join us at Moli Art Institute to create a broader artistic vision.

Moli Art Gallery